Friday, March 9, 2007

geometry in life

Everything will tend towards a state of equilibrium.
And what if this tendency is absent? oh then it simply moves around in a circle.

The first is whats supposed to happen but the second is what really happens. Life moves in circle. Every individual moves in his/her little circle that sums up to make the
'circle of life'(remember Sir Elton John crooning in The Lion King? except he was unnecessarily optimistic...)

All of us are stuck in the same rut of life. Events repeat, opportunities knock and failures are seen. Each of us in our own vicious circle and everybody else, in our eyes, in their virtuous circles (the lucky *&%^#@%^%!!) its a CIRCLE. There's no way out of it. there's just the smooth roundness.....


Unless maybe you stand at the center of it and take a quick look around. The events seem to blend into one another and fit together perfectly. Like a nipkow disk (remeber that? a series of images on a disk, rotate it fast and bingo! the inventor visualised videography)
Put it together and you realize that all of it leads you straight to a point outside the circle.
oops! thats a point on another circle. oh! its a new one and there's no going back.
Its a new life. A parallel universe.

Its an endless hop from one circle to another. And if there's a very last one, would it be a race? whoever reaches first wins?!! There are a hundred books written every year telling you how to win. Is anyone out there a winner?

Friday, March 2, 2007

(con)temporary art

can you do a whole portrait using just dust??
check out this genius
first there was art. then there was modern art. now ther's post modern art. that a transition from sceneries and shapeless women to shapeless objects to anything anyone calls art.
but its a full cycle. we have finally landed where we started. now it paper that isoutdated. cause dust, rocks and spears' bald head inspire artists.
is it good? is it bad? who cares?? its beautiful!

and I say its art.